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It's November! November again! Yotsuba is here and it's November again! I've been here for ages, a year is a really long time. Yotsuba has been here for... [Please hold while the little girl counts on her fingers for a moment. Teeen, eleeeveeen-] Twelve mumps! And... Too many days! Yotsuba has been here forever!

[Considering she's been here 'forever', Yotsuba looks incredibly happy. And with good reason, for today is her birthday... Well, no, it isn't. Heavens if she knows how birthdays work when you're not back home. She's talked to Yuri about her birthday before and most of that conversation went over her head, so you know what? November is her birthday. Just any day in November, she doesn't care when.]

Today Yotsuba wants a cake, so can we have cake?! Make it strawberry today, it feels like a strawberry day. It has to taste like a dream! Ohhh, and presents, really cool presents! What do you want for your presents Mister Cicada?

[Yotsuba looks away from the journal at the cicada toy she has. Hm, what's that? I want... A giant TV... And a hot air balloon.]

That's too much Mister Cicada, no presents for you! [...] Don't make that face at me! Nooo! Oh, Yotsuba almost forgot, almost!

[To finish up her journal entry about demanding cake and presents without explaining anything, Yotsuba disappears from the journal. There's the sound of a few doors slamming in the background and she goes looking for something she picked up earlier and then decided to hide in case Naoi found it... She hid it in the bathroom behind the shower curtain.

A minute or two later and she's back with a birthday balloon. Sixty is like six with just a zero on the end, close enough.]

Okay!! I'm ready for presents and cake now!
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[Behold, the lesser spotted Naoi, asleep in his comfortable habitat of the sofa in House 40. Yotsuba holds the journal as close as she can to her unsuspecting target without waking him up. Look at that face. It's the face of a mean person. A mean person who smells really bad.

Once she's done showing off Naoi and the sofa, Yotsuba sets the journal on the floor and disappears for a moment... Reappearing with this in her hands. This can only end well.

Yotsuba creeps up as carefully as she can, takes aim with her penguin popper and- Wait, no, she should be closer. Cloooser. Perfect! The toy rifle is right next to his nose by this point. Now she's ready. Threeee... Twooo... Ooone...

What follows is a flurry of swears and screaming, resulting in Yotsuba running away as fast as she can whilst a very angry Naoi chases after her. the journal remains propped up on the floor, unable to catch the carnage and mayhem happening in another part of the house. What it is able to catch though is Yotsuba still screaming.]

He's gonna kill me! Nooo!!

[Then, silence.]


[Later on, when Yotsuba isn't attacking her housemates with a popgun, she's out and around the village. Her popgun is still with her, but she isn't out to shoot noses. Oh no, she's after something much bigger.

Invisible. Goblins.

No, really, this place is absolutely teeming with invisible goblins, out to steal your food and cause trouble. Only Yotsuba can see them, but trust her when she says they're really bad and need to be taken care of. They only appear near Seventh Heaven, that's where they like to hide you see. Yotsuba stands to attention outside the doors of the restaurant, marching back and forth so to patrol the entrance and make sure no goblins try and make a run for it. Every now and then a goblin tries to get away, causing Yotsuba to aim and fire at the goblin with her pop-gun.]

Pop! Your time was up, mister goblin. Tell your friends Yotsuba sent you.

[Another one bites the dust. Yotsuba wipes her brow with the back of her hand and sighs. Its tough, but it's all in a days work for Seventh Heaven's official goblin hunter.]
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When someone is sad you can say you're sorry to them because no one wants to see someone who's sad.

[This is one of the big lessons Yotsuba has learnt this week, sort of. A lot of people have been going home, a lot of her friends have been upset and have told her sorry time and time again even though they haven't done anything wrong. When you smash a window or break something, sure, you can say you're sorry then. It turns out you can say sorry for lots of other reasons too.]

Yotsuba is sorry! Everyone stop being sad, I said sorry. Sorry! Sorryyy!!

[Were it not for a gust of wind picking up and blowing against her window she would have kept repeating herself until she was told to stop or, miracle of miracles, everyone suddenly decided to be happy. Luckily Yotsuba is easily distracted by the bad weather.]

Whoah, awesome! The wind and rain is awesome!! There's rain on the window right now! Isn't that right Mister Cicada!?

[She turns to talk to the plush toy of a cicada in her room. In her mind he's quite the conversationalist and seems to agree, yes, the wind and rain are pretty awesome. Yotsuba nods in response.]

Exactly!! It's awesome! There are going to be lots of puddles to splash in, but we have to wear galoshes. Then we'll be invincible!!

[Wait, what was she talking about again? It was kind of important wasn't it? Uhhh... Damn, it's gone. The thought has passed.]

Sorry, Yotsuba forgot. Leave a message and Yotsuba will get back when Yotsuba remembers, beep!

[With her little message done she's heading outside into the rain wearing her coat and boots to splash around and have fun. If you're out braving the bad weather today you might be able to see Yotsuba running around with her arms up getting completely soaked, not that she seems to mind in the slightest.]
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This is really important okay? It's super serious so you need to listen to me!

[Just in case there's no one listening she smacks the journal a few times to make sure she gets everyones attention. Or she hopes that's what hitting her journal around will do.]

Yotsuba is going into space. [Stay serious. This isn't fun... But oh my gosh space?! She's been star gazing and talked about aliens and Sailor Moon- Will Sailor Moon be there?! GFDKHASGK-- Okay no, no. Serious face. She might have cracked a smile there but she's doing her best to take this as seriously as she can manage.] Space is really big. And really far away!

[She turns away for a moment, only to come back with this thing in her arms.]

Someone needs to take care of him whilst Yotsuba is gone. He likes eating leaves and crackers, and he sleeps a lot but you need to take care of him anyway. He still needs looking after even if he's lazy!

[Yes. She's being sent off into space and one of her top priorities is making sure the stuffed toy Otonashi gave her is kept safe.]

Yuri can't look after him, she's busy! [Or she imagines she will be, SSS stuff and what not.] And Naoi can't do anything! ... Ohhh, is space cold? Yotsuba will bring the fluffy pink coat, it's really warm.
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[Sometime in the afternoon, Yotsuba sees this message pop up in her journal. Rumours of buried treasure?! No way, she had totally been left out of the loop, what rumours?! There are probably hundreds, no, thousands of people already out looking for the treasure by now... She'll have to be quick and find it before anyone else! That treasure will be hers!!

First off she heads to the fountain and from there her treasure hunt begins! Yotsuba has her journal with her as she walks around all over the place trying to find the next hint to where the treasure is buried. There's the odd occasion where she's concentrating so hard on her journal that she ends up bumping into walls and maybe even people, but that doesn't deter her for long! Feel free to run into her at any of these locations: the fountain, playground, bakery, item shop, clinic, cherry blossom hill, library and finally around house 16. Yes, she's going to be all over the place today.

If you don't feel like engaging this five year old in her treasure hunting shenanigans that's fine. Yotsuba might just come to you first, waving her latest hint around and trying to get your attention.]

Hey, heeey! Do you see this? I need help, there's buried treasure out there and Yotsuba is going to find it!

[If you help her out there might be some candy and plastic coins in it for you in future. Maybe, if she decides to share.]
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[Otonashi left yesterday. That meant that now Yotsuba was stuck in a house with that loser Naoi. The fact he was really kind a little while back at the beach but now he's really mean again is more than a little confusing to the girl. Yuri is still here but right now all Yotsuba is thinking of is the bad stuff. Namely no more Otonashi and lots more stupid, mean Naoi.

What she does next seems like a brilliant idea! This will totally bring Otonashi back and make Naoi be nice again, and if it doesn't then oh well at least she's not living in the same house as him anymore.

This badly scrawled message appears on the journals:]

Yotsuba and The Great Plan )
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[Yotsuba is out on the town today! And she's wearing a fancy little outfit, because hey, you have to get dressed up for Valentine's don't you? Today, Yotsuba is Flower Cupid!

First stop of the day is the flower shop where Yotsuba will be taking ridiculous amounts of flowers and putting them in the little wicker basket she's carrying around with her. She's not sure what most of these flowers are, but she does recognise some tulips in here, plus a bunch of different coloured roses.

Her next plan of action is to hand out flowers to anyone she comes across! She'll be staying in the plaza mostly, seeing as she doesn't want to wander off and get lost, but she might feel adventurous and make it to one of the bridges before running back to the plaza again.

If she can't find anyone to give flowers to? Well then, she'll just have to shove them under doorways and whatever other ideas she can think up to get rid of them. A flower cupid might be knocking on your door today so you better answer!

Finally, the Brigade HQ will have a nice bundle of flowers left for whoever finds them there first. She daren't go inside or anything, so instead Yotsuba leaves a bunch just outside the door to be found. It might be a late apology, but she's sorry she messed everything up even though it was all Naoi's fault and oh wow Naoi is really mean.

For the duration of the day, Yotsuba will be singing a little song she made up just recently as she hands out flowers:]

The tulips are in bloom~♪ The tulips are in bloom~♫ [...] Wait, no they're not~♪ That was a lie~♫ The tulips aren't in bloom~♪ They're really not in bloom~♫

[Run into her wherever you like and accept your flowers Luceti! Whether you're forever alone or in a couple come and say hello.]
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Hey. Heeey!

[She's talking to you, journal.]

There's no money here. Why don't we eat out every day, every single day? Back home we got some milk, it was really eckspensive! 600 yen, and it was good. But why don't we drink that milk here? If there's no money and everything is free then it would cost... No yen.


Yotsuba wants to go to a restaurant and eat today. Is that okay?

[For added effect her stomach starts to rumble.]

...It's really okay, right? Yotsuba wants to eat eyeball-fry. With a knife and fork! Even if it's still really cold it's a good idea, so everyone should come and eat with me.
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[This would be Yotsuba's first real Christmas. Back home they never had the chance to celebrate in their new home before she was taken here. It was all so exciting, seeing all the bright lights and the snow.

The journal opens to show a small figure practically glued to the window of her apartment, staring out into the snow and lights. It really is beautiful you know, especially when it's your first time seeing anything like this.

Yotsuba turns to her journal and gives it a big wave and a huge smile before running over, picking the journal up and returning to the window. Anyone watching will now have a nice view from room 26 of building 5 of the surrounding area from the window. She's really excited you guys.]

It's so pretty! Look, look, do you see all the lights?! Christmas! This is definitely Christmas isn't it?!

[It's a shame Daddy isn't here to spend it with her... It had taken awhile, but she's used to Daddy not being here with her now. After all, he's going to appear someday and take her away and be all sorts of proud of her for being a big, brave girl whilst she was here.]

Gonna have lots of fun! Daddy, will you be having fun too? Don't eat too much, you'll get fat. Work hard! Don't break anything!!

[After reminding her father or what to do and not to do, she'll go back to staring out the window and will remain this way for a long time.]


[Otonashi had asked Yotsuba if she wanted to go out for a little while as he did a few Christmas-related errands, and of course she jumped at the opportunity!

Whilst Otonashi was busy, Yotsuba went off to explore. All this snow is fun, all these lights are fun, all this everything is fun!! Do you understand how much fun this is?! It's very fun!

During her explorations, Yotsuba finds herself outside the item shop, looking up at the door frame. Seems as though there's some mistletoe hanging there.


What is it? Why is it there? Can she eat it?]
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[Do you like presents Luceti? If you do, it's your lucky day! If not, tough luck you're getting one anyway.

Should anyone open their front door today they might just be greeted by a great big colourful box all wrapped up with ribbon. Heck, even if you're just walking down some path, minding your own business, you might suddenly find yourself stumbling across this multicoloured gift box. Inside the box are thousands of tiny little packing peanuts. It might be a little excessive, but there's a good reason for there to be so much packaging. Fast asleep on top of the foam packaging is a little girl wearing a nice little New Feather dress. Every now and then she tosses and turns in her sleep, making the box shake a little as she does so.

The girl's journal and clothes are also packed in along with her, further down in the box. Some assembly required, do not swallow the packaging as it's a choking hazard. No batteries required. Enjoy your x1 New Feather starter kit!]
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